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Securely connect to a user’s card, capture purchases in real time and trigger event-based experiences when it matters most.

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Leverage real-time payment events to create more relevant and powerful user experiences.

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Work on a secure, reliable platform. Fidel API has an uptime SLA of 99.99% and employs best-in-class security standards.

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Embed Fidel API as a connectivity layer between your app and the major card networks. Get up and running, fast.

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Take a look at how Google Pay uses Fidel API to reimagine how merchants and end users experience the platform.

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Put your users first with Fidel API’s consent-based approach. Your users will never be asked for bank login details or sensitive PII.

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Fidel API’s proprietary token engine ensures complete user privacy and that sensitive information never gets leaked.

Streamlined compliance

Robust Card Enrollment SDKs enable you to focus on the user experience instead of managing PCI compliance requirements.

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Fidel API offers modular components and tools with rapid integrations to reduce your time to market.

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  • + Versioned API changes
  • + Metadata support
  • + Sample app

Fidel API Transaction Object

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  "accountId": "4ca457bc-9092-4865-8108-123456789abc",
  "amount": 5.44,
  "auth": true,
  "authCode": "01107I",
  "brand": {
    "id": "3a4fcc58-4913-48c2-8f36-123456789abc",
    "logoURL": "",
    "metadata": null,
    "name": "Rite Aid"
  "card": {
    "firstNumbers": "412345",
    "id": "26d81eb9-ba38-4081-89f8-123456789abc",
    "lastNumbers": "1234",
    "scheme": "visa",
    "metadata": {
        "userId": "abc123456"
  "cardPresent": true,
  "cleared": false,
  "created": "2022-02-23T21:17:04.650Z",
  "currency": "USD",
  "datetime": "2022-02-23T16:17:03",
  "id": "16154cba-2258-41d4-beaf-123456789abc",
  "identifiers": {
    "MID": "vop-28085064-123456789",
    "amexApprovalCode": null,
    "mastercardAuthCode": null,
    "mastercardRefNumber": null,
    "mastercardTransactionSequenceNumber": null,
    "visaAuthCode": "01107I"
  "location": {
    "address": "1849 2nd Ave",
    "city": "New York",
    "countryCode": "USA",
    "geolocation": {
      "latitude": 40.7841187,
      "longitude": -73.9474606
    "id": "71f9a2db-0df5-4645-9dfe-123456789abc",
    "metadata": null,
    "postcode": "10128",
    "state": null,
    "timezone": "America/New_York"
  "offer": null,
  "programId": "efd1eef1-f4f4-49ba-8241-123456789abc",
  "updated": "2022-02-23T21:17:05.029Z",
  "wallet": null

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