In Private Beta

Digital Receipts

Fidel API’s Select Transactions API enables automated delivery of digital receipts in real-time by instantly matching customer payment cards to transactions.

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  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Improve customer experiences
    Enable automated email delivery of digital receipts to remove excess friction at checkout for customers.
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Better leverage data and insights
    Unlock the power of granular payment data by building a holistic view of customer spend behaviour.

What you could build:

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Step 1

User securely enrols payment card to app

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Step 2

User makes purchase with enrolled card

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Step 3

Fidel API attributes real-time payment data to enrolled card in real-time using authorisation codes

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Step 4

Digital receipt is automatically emailed to user or added to customer account

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Step 5

Granular payment data is surfaced via Fidel API’s Dashboard in real-time