Transaction Stream API

Get payment events from all transactions made on any enrolled card in real time. Build on top of a full stream of standardized, clean transaction records.

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  • Every transaction, in real time

    Ingest and build on top of a stream of payment events, pushed in real time, to create powerful user experiences.

  • A simple integration

    Get up and running faster with Fidel API. Bring your program to market in a matter of days with a seamless, reliable API.

  • User-security first

    Protect your customers with a consent-based approach. Safeguard user information with Fidel API’s secure tokenization engine.

A complete suite

Build on top of the Transaction Stream API to create more valuable, engaging experiences for your customers. Get the tools you need to effectively manage and scale your program.
Dashboard webhooks screenshot
Dashboard webhooks screenshot

Webhook notifications

Create and manage webhooks to receive notifications the moment an event occurs.

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Data processing

Get clean, standardized card data almost instantly.

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Developer Sandbox

Quickly test cards, transactions and webhooks.

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Program management

Group customers in the dashboard. Build custom logic on top of groups.

Clean code

Data for developers

Trigger event-based experiences at the point of purchase. Build on clean authorization, clearing and refund messaging for every transaction on an enrolled card.

  • + Brand name
  • + Brand descriptor
  • + Zip code / state / country
  • + Date and time
  • + Original purchase currency and amount
  • + Billed currency and amount
  • + Auth code
  • + Merchant category code

Fidel API Transaction Object

  "accountId": "fd335eaf-6929-47a5-8c26-123456789abc",
  "amount": 5.44,
  "auth": true,
  "authCode": "01107I",
  "billingAmount": 5.44,
  "billingCurrency": "USD",
  "brand": {
    "name": "RITE AID"
  "card": {
    "firstNumbers": "412345",
    "id": "167de7c4-b55c-458c-8698-123456789abc",
    "lastNumbers": "1234",
    "scheme": "visa",
    "metadata": {
        "userId": "abc123456"
  "cardPresent": true,  
  "cleared": false,
  "created": "2022-02-23T21:17:07.076Z",
  "currency": "USD",
  "datetime": "2022-02-23T21:17:03",
  "id": "b6a2c109-63a2-4eac-8209-123456789abc",
  "identifiers": {
    "amexApprovalCode": null,
    "mastercardAuthCode": null,
    "mastercardRefNumber": null,
    "mastercardTransactionSequenceNumber": null,
    "visaAuthCode": "01107I"
  "location": {
    "countryCode": "USA",
    "postcode": "10128",
    "state": "NY"
  "merchantCategoryCode": "5912",
  "merchantDescriptor": "RITE AID 04688",
  "programId": "9bb4351a-3ccc-4777-a658-123456789abc",
  "programType": "transaction-stream",
  "updated": "2022-02-23T21:17:07.076Z",
  "wallet": null

Your trusted partner

Industry leaders in data security

A user-first approach

Fidel API puts your users first through our consent-based approach. We’ll also never ask your users for bank login details or sensitive PII.

Card number tokenization

Fidel API’s multi-network tokenization engine supports all cards through a single integration.

Streamlined compliance

Card Enrollment SDKs enable you to securely enroll users without managing compliance requirements.

Do more with add-ons

Connect securely

Use the Verified Enrollment SDK with the Transaction Stream API to give your users a painless and secure card enrollment experience.

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