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Reimburse customers easily, quickly and more securely than ever before with direct payments onto linked cards.

  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Improve the customer experience by reimbursing cash directly onto linked cards.
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Eliminate the need to handle other personal identifiable data, such as bank account.
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Save time and resources by automatic approvals, tracking and issuing of reimbursements to users once a claim is filed.
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Available now in the US and the UK for debit and credit cards by Visa© and Mastercard©

Reimbursement object

  "accountId": "61741c3-3dc9-45f5-8e7c-db1dd649afab",
  "amount": 2.55,
  "created": "2021-09-30T11:11:11.000Z",
  "creditsTransactionId": "1250ab5a-0661-4a06-a40c-8514093a9241",
  "currency": "USD",
  "description": "Earned Stars",
  "status": "issued",
  "id": "a7ee9fb5-a6dc-4558-9d03-615fca6033b4",
  "scheme": "visa",
  "updated": "2021-09-30T11:12:11.000Z",
  "transactionId": "489a79b9-92c7-4338-81ef-1529ee7bd130",
  "programId": "4a9cef62-dc79-4044-b7aa-34425f753830"

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Create and manage card-linked offers with a variety of retailers - all in one place.

  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Partner with more businesses on card-linked offers and promotions.
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Access and manage all offers information on one platform.
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Understand buyer behaviour by tracking transactional data across all offers in real time.

Offer object

  "id": "49b407ef-508a-432b-900c-a04e5e6ac86c",
  "additionalTerms": "none",
  "brandId": "e4928475-6a39-41e6-8484-951202d43de9",
  "brandName": "Starbucks",
  "brandLogoURL": "",
  "countryCode": "USA",
  "created": "2018-10-19T12:12:00.000Z",
  "currency": "USD",
  "daysOfWeek": [0,1,2,3,4,5,6],
  "endDate": "2019-06-24T13:13:00.000Z",
  "feeSplit": 70,
  "locationsFile": "./all_locations.csv",
  "locationsTotal": 240,
  "maxRedemption": 1000,
  "maxRedemptionCounter": 730,
  "minTransactionAmount": 150,
  "name": "20% Off Everything",
  "performanceFee": 4,
  "priority": 1,
  "programId": "f446d575-d8c2-4a9e-8e12-ffd970d1a6t",
  "publisherId": "d346d574-d5c2-4a0e-8e02-ffd713fd1a9d",
  "returnPeriod": 30,
  "schemes": [
  "startDate": "2018-10-19T00:00:00.000Z",
  "status": "ACTIVE",
  "type": {
    "name": "discount",
    "value": 20
  "updated": "2018-10-19T12:12:00.000Z",
  "userId": "82c5a9ed-5301-46ab-8599-6bcb0d017cc6"

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