Why we’ve made our product roadmap public

We’ve made our product roadmap public, so you can see what we’re working on next, and give us your feedback as we go.

Why did we do this?

Our values guide everything we do, across every function internally and every interaction externally. One of those values is honesty. We’re committed to continuously building on our founding principles of trust and transparency. That’s why we’ve decided to share our product roadmap with you, our customer.

We want to make sure we’re building the best possible product for you. We want to hear what you do and don’t like, and to let you know what’s coming down the line and when. We want to gather your feedback so that we can prioritise what’s most important and better shape the service we provide.

Being in dialogue with our customers is helpful for us as a team, too. It encourages us to think long-term, be more deliberate about the products we choose to build, and ensure we’re always delivering value back to you. Most importantly, it keeps us accountable.

What’s on the roadmap?

You’ll see that we’ve split the roadmap into what’s coming soon, what’s further into the future, and what we’ve already delivered.

There are lots of really cool features and upgrades in there, but we wanted to highlight a few that we’re particularly excited about.

  • Merchant onboarding improvements: We’re working on a number of big merchant onboarding improvements including pre-onboarding and sync automation. These will bring us closer to our goal of real-time onboarding for all card schemes.
  • Transaction matching: We’re improving our transaction matching algorithm to help accurately identify where mobile terminal transactions took place – even when the merchant ID is shared.
  • Dashboard: We’re rebuilding the Fidel dashboard from scratch, with a focus on speed, usability and data visualisation.
  • Payments API: Using Payments, you’ll be able to return cash directly to any linked payment card, rewarding your customers and encouraging loyalty.

In the future, we’re aiming to add functionality so you can up and down-vote or leave comments on certain items. In the meantime, we want to hear your thoughts. If you have any feedback, questions or ideas, let us know.

Our product in action

We also wanted to give you the opportunity to get more familiar with our product, so we’ve launched a live product demo. Every two weeks, we’ll demo our API and dashboard, showcase new features and answer your questions. You can sign up to for the next one here.

As a startup, nothing’s ever set in stone, and we expect things to change as we get more feedback from you. But we hope you’re as excited about what we’re working on as we are. To see what's on the roadmap, click the link below.