What makes a great applicant at Fidel?

If only it were that easy...we’re sorry to disappoint, but sadly no blog can guarantee that - by simply following its instructions - will get you any job you want, wherever you apply, as amazing as that would be.  

We're extremely proud of our diverse and talented team. We also take pride in running a rigorous hiring process too. Not rigorous in the sense that we try to be unnecessarily harsh, overbearing, or expect unrealistic outcomes. It’s demanding because we take it seriously - hiring for a new role can shape ours’ and our candidates’ futures. Therefore, we think it’s worth knowing how to get it right.  

The intention here is to provide some advice from our Talent team for those considering or currently applying with us. We strongly believe that any candidate should be able to still remain truthful to themselves and Fidel (or any other company) throughout a hiring process, and we've tried to reflect this idea in our advice.

🎓Our Advice

📚 Do your homework | As basic as this sounds, no job application can be an exception. We massively appreciate candidates who research us ahead of an interview. You don’t have to know everything about us or spend extensive hours studying our APIs. However, a few key points that are worth knowing before the first meeting:

  • What’s our mission as a company?
  • Who are some of our major clients?
  • What products have we been developing? (hint: many of the answers can be found on our blog.)

👏 If you are not from the industry, that’s ok! | Fintech can sound intimidating if you’re entering from a completely different background. Obviously, specialist knowledge requirements depend on the role. However, very often, we receive applications from people outside of fintech. And they’re often great candidates. All we expect? Again, just do your homework.

  • What’s the state of the space?
  • What are other relevant players or potential competitors to Fidel? Why are we driving innovation in payments?
  • Some of those questions can be answered online too, in newsletters such as Fintech Collective, for example.

🚀 Figure out what your drive is and own it! | At Fidel, we love to channel diversity in our hiring processes -  and there is nothing wrong with having different drives or career goals. Companies need that! Ahead of applying anywhere, try to understand what drives you to be happy and productive in the workplace. What are your career goals? It’s a process that can take time, but once you have a rough idea, own it.

Don’t be afraid to share those goals with your interviewer or state them in your application. Hiring - a bit like dating - is a two-way street. If you’re unsuccessful, but you were fully honest about who you are and your ambitions, it’s likely the company or opportunity just wasn't the right fit for you - and that's ok!

😇 Be honest about what you can and can’t do | Yes, for real! Honesty is like gold dust during hiring. Nobody was born knowing everything and nobody starts a new job understanding everything perfectly, either. Being honest about what you’ve not yet accomplished is just as important as what you have.

That way, you’re not only transparent, but you’re aligning expectations with the interviewer. Adopting a mindset of “I don’t know X, but I’m confident that by doing y and z, I could become good at it” is really valuable information. Again, if you’re unsuccessful, it probably wasn’t the job for you and that’s (you guessed it) still ok!

❓Have questions ready | Curiosity is an amazing trait to have and interviewers love it. Almost all interviewers reserve time for questions at the end - take advantage of it! Focus on things you can’t find online or clarify things you’ve discussed in the interview. The payments industry is complex and showing a willingness to learn demonstrates real interest and commitment. Whether you want to know about our approach to work/life balance, pricing model, product or the office dress code (hint: quite relaxed!) - ask away!

🤝 In Conclusion

We all know that being perfect isn’t possible, but being humble, honest and self-aware is. Starting a new job is also a decision few of us take lightly. It should take a little reflection and time. Whether you’re actively job-hunting or you've been approached - preparation and introspection will set you up for success in the short and long term.

Great candidates won't always get every role. It’s not their fault either, but the difference is those great candidates can still resonate, whatever the hiring outcome. Maybe they’re contacted for a different role with the company in future, or recommended to another business who might have a perfect fit for their profile?

Amazing roles are out there, across industries you might never have considered or encountered. All you can ask of yourself is to be the best candidate you can be, and give the right job the chance to find you.