What Diversity & Inclusion Means at Fidel API

“At Fidel API, we don’t just accept differences - we celebrate them.”

It’s a statement that’s as true today as when we first wrote it.

Fidel API’s demographic make-up has always been a vibrant one and we’ve grown at a rapid pace. However, achieving true diversity doesn’t happen overnight, or without effort - its definition goes beyond numbers. Awards like the Deloitte Tech Fast 50, Otta Rocket List 2021 and BuiltIn NYC’s Top Tech Companies To Work For 2021 and being named a finalist for 'Best Mid-Sized Tech Employer' by Women in Tech UK have been amazing recognitions of our recent growth and inclusion efforts.

Diversity means different things in different parts of the world. However, for us, it doesn’t just mean adding another flag to the list of nationalities in the team. Although we focus on diverse nationalities, genders, races, ethnicities, it doesn’t stop there. It also means having a team with diverse experiences, perspectives and a sense of belonging to our organization.

Here’s an inside look at how we build an environment that lets anyone be exactly who they are, discover what works best for them and be at their best. It all starts with how we source talent and ends with empowering a team of varying skills, backgrounds, ideas, perspectives and approaches. That’s the sort of diversity we strive for.

📜 Our Diversity Statement

“At Fidel API, we don’t just accept difference - we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of educational attainment, race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or disability status - simply, we consider all qualified applicants, consistent with any legal requirements.”

The statement above guides any hiring, strategic or structural decisions we make and helps Fidel API continue to be a place where everyone feels they belong!

🌍 Diversity At Fidel API Today

When you’re building global products, you need a global team. Fidel API isn’t finished growing, and we’re committed to achieving greater equity and inclusion across our workforce. Here’s how things stand today:

The Fidel API team…

  • Represents 33 different nationalities
  • Speaks 29 languages
  • Are based in 12 different countries
  • Has achieved a 0% gender pay gap - woo hoo!
  • Has increased female headcount over past 6 months to 33%
  • Includes 38% fully-remote team members operating outside of our three office locations

As the team grows, maintaining and improving this sort of measurable diversity is important to us. Here’s how we do it through a combination of cultural practices and recruitment processes.

🛠 How We Maintain Diversity & Inclusion

We’re committed to building and maintaining a talented, diverse and empowered team  - here’s how we do it:

🤝 Hiring Diverse Talent

  • The team uses a scorecard system with job-specific attributes and a transparent interview process to ensure candidates are always assessed objectively.

  • When writing job descriptions, HR works to ensure we’re using up-to-date, inclusive and neutral language to attract diverse candidates across geographies.
  • Our colleagues regularly partner with and participate in organizations that promote diversity in tech, including NYC Fintech Women and 34° Jobshop AEIST.

🥳 Work Culture, Development & Talent Retention

  • We offer benefits and policies to support all employees from health to personal and professional development platforms.

  • Paid parental leave is available for all parents (through birth, adoption, or surrogacy).

  • Fidel API operates with a trust-based working culture, including 100% flexibility on working hours and location.

  • We use a flexible vacation policy so our employees can take ample time off for vacation, family-time, mental health and whatever else life brings.

  • We’ve built out a clear performance review process, designed to provide actionable takeaways and ensure objectivity.

  • We make time to support, acknowledge and give employees the space to celebrate special days and months (International Women’s Day, Juneteenth, Pride Month, religious holidays). On that note, we want to wish everyone a happy Pride Month!

🚀 What’s Next?

As mentioned, we’re not nearly done. Fidel API exists in an industry that has a long way to being more equitable. At a glance, the statistics don’t make welcome reading:

  • 19% of UK tech employees are female; 25% in the US
  • Only 17% of the US’ tech leadership positions are held by ethnic minorities
  • On average, female applicants for tech roles were receiving wages 3% lower than male counterparts for the same role

One reason for the lack of diversity in tech is a lack of representation. To help improve our own diversity, we’re excited to launch a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) program. This program will start with a series of anonymous employee surveys to help us learn more about the demographics of our team and how colleagues feel about working at Fidel API. From there, we’ll aggregate results to identify areas of improvement, helping to ensure we continue to be an inclusive, safe, diverse and welcoming workplace.

Diversity has, and always will be, something deeply valued at Fidel API. While collecting statistics will help to show where immediate improvement is needed, we know diversity isn’t just measured in numbers - it’s also about fostering an sense of empowerment that everyone at Fidel API knows applies to them, too.

We hope to continue to be a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging and that their voices are heard - and we won’t settle for anything less.

Have a look at our open roles here and drop us a line if you think Fidel API could be a good fit for you!