Just in time... Timezones added to the API and more new features!

It’s not just Beyonce – everyone loves an upgrade. Whether it’s free drinks with your dinner or being bumped to first class on a flight, it feels good to get more. Here at Fidel, we can’t give you the penthouse suite – but we can give you some cool new features. Check out the upgrades we’ve been working on below.  

Just in Time - Timezones added to API​​

Tired of trying to work out time differences in your head? Us too. Previously, when MasterCard customers made transactions outside the UK, their transactions were given the incorrect timestamp – making it look like you had lots of late night shoppers. We’ve fixed it. Now, customer data will always appear in the user’s local timezone.

And there’s more. We’ve added additional data fields including scheme specific identifiers, and geolocation tagging, so you can pinpoint where and when customers are spending, regardless of card type.

To access these new features, update your version of the API by logging into the Fidel Dashboard. Once you’re in, go to account and click upgrade. See Release Notes.

🛍 The Latest on Card-Linked Offers (CLO)

Whether you’re currently publishing card-linked offers or it’s on your business bucket list, we’ve got good news! We’ve added a new feature to our CLO section of the dashboard which allows you to create offers for merchants (brands) and send it to them for approval. It means you can set up offers faster, reduce merchant involvement and get to market faster.

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for instructions on how to upgrade to the latest CLO version in our Release Notes. Or if you’re eager to learn more, shoot us an email at developer@fidel.uk.

React Native for a silky smooth experience

In our March product update, we said the React Native bridge would be ready at the end of April. We're not quite there yet, but it should be good to go in the next few weeks. With the  React Native bridge, you’ll be able to use the native mobile SDKs in your React Native apps. This means faster integration and improved cross platform card-linking applications. Keep an eye on the Release Notes.

Technical difficulties? Don’t abort… just contact support!

Whether you’re setting up your first card-linked programme or your fiftieth, questions come up. We’ve updated our support system so that we can address your questions faster and more accurately. Just email support@fidel.uk to get in touch with our awesome support team.

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