Linking the Online with the Offline World

An Effortless Journey into the Individual Customer View

If a business truly understands its customers, one will quickly find that small changes to a business approach can significantly impact customer satisfaction and retention. There are large benefits for both the consumer and retailer to have a customer centric view into a business. The goal of any successful retailer is not merely to understand their customers, but to go a step further and act on insights gathered by individual-level data.

However, it is often difficult to reach this goal from both a technological and customer-level perspective. For many retailers, gathering and utilising customer-level data can be an onerous and complex task. There are an overwhelming amount of companies specialising in providing data obtained from range of different channels — from social media, site, email, search and in-store along with many others. All of these data companies provide a piece to a larger puzzle aimed at uncovering what makes a customer tick and ultimately make a purchase decision. Not only do these implementations require complicated and costly integrations, but they often do not provide data in real time.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes” — Marcel Proust

Achieving and maintaining a single integrated view of customers and their purchase behaviour is never a one-off project. Instead it's an ever-evolving journey, with constant upkeep critical to preserving SCV (Single Customer View) accuracy and effectiveness.

For a customer to be engaged with a loyalty programme, they must carry a plastic card, scan a barcode or a QR code, or input offer codes every time they make a purchase. This is a constant ‘two-step’ process and an onerous burden for any shopper.

Imagine if you could track customer spend in-store and online without the added effort of customer input. Imagine if you could acknowledge your customers' purchase in real-time and deliver personalised communication without having to train your staff. Imagine if the customer didn’t have to do anything extra to benefit from your offer... just simply carry out a purchase using their bank card.

We are pleased to say that it is now possible. Using the Fidel API, merchants are able to link customer’s online spend with offline. With a simple 15 minute integration, your customers are able to benefit from a single-step process into loyalty. Every time a customer shops in-store, retailers can now offer a completely unified experience for all customers.

The technology can be easily embedded into any iOS, Android or Web application using our native SDKs.

To find out how our customers are using Fidel to build more joined-up experiences, check out our case studies.