Bringing online experiences intu the real world

How intu used card-linking to increase foot-traffic

Remember those weekend shopping trips as a kid? Maybe it was a day out in the big city, racing to the department store to pick out “just one” toy. Or maybe it was a more chaotic affair — pushing through weekend crowds with a dog-eared, hastily scrawled list. However they happened, they were always an adventure.

But the way we shop is changing. Technology has reshaped customer behaviour and now over 56% of in-store sales are influenced by a digital interaction. And while online experiences might be more convenient, they’ve lost the magic of the mall. That’s why retailers are turning to technology to re-imagine the in-store experience, increase foot-traffic get customers more engaged.

intu owns and runs some of the best shopping centres in the world. They’re already making moves to close the digital divide between online and in-store. intu’s new app, Pocket, allows shoppers to earn cashback rewards from participating retailers and restaurants – both online and in shopping centres. And they don’t need to remember to bring loyalty cards or scan codes to get rewarded.

With 48% of shoppers willing to share data in return for personalised service, intu's new Pocket app is working wonders for them and their retailers. Anonymised online data collected through the app gives retailers access to real-time insights. In return, they can use those insights to provide shoppers with personalised offers based on their location or time of day.

Whether online or in-store, shoppers get the same great experience. The only downside is that in the real world, they’ll have to carry their own bags.

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