How the Fidel API team works from anywhere

Fidel API operates with a 100% hybrid work environment and that applies to our entire team of 150+ people, distributed across 15+ countries.

While Fidel API has three offices in London, New York City and Lisbon, the team operates with a trust-first approach, which not only applies to working hours, but also working locations. If you want to work entirely from home, remotely from somewhere else in the world, or if you’ve got your eyes set on a specific office seat (the nice corner one by the snack bar, for example) - well, it’s entirely up to you.

We empower each colleague to know how they need to manage their day and their personal responsibilities. The same goes for holidays, which Fidel API also doesn’t count (you can learn more about that policy here!) So, why do we operate with a policy of total work flexibility?

🤝 Talent Density

We look for quality over quantity. Sustainable, effective team scaling doesn’t necessarily mean only seeking out senior talent. Anyone that joins Fidel API is the best at their level of experience and function.

Speed Of Hiring

Allowing colleagues to work in different locations has enabled us to speed up our pace of expansion and build stronger points of contact for both clients and potential new hires.

🌍 Diversity

Lastly, we love to keep diversity front and center when we hire! The Fidel API team speaks over 25 languages and represents over twenty nationalities. A rich and varied convergence of backgrounds, thinking, talents and skills has already taken Fidel API to achieve some great things. We’ll continue to value diversity as we move forward.  

That’s the why behind the policy - but what does total work flexiblity mean on a day-to-day basis?

A World of Working  

What work options are available to the team, we heart you ask - well, pretty much all of them:

🏙 Our Offices

The Fidel API offices are meeting points, workspaces, and cultural hubs. We offer incentives and team activities like team lunches, comedy nights, cocktail hours and cooking classes to name a few. The goal is to create spaces where people can enjoy time with their team, but also be productive and deliver on their responsibilities.

🏡 Working From Home

Fidel API colleagues have always had the flexibility to work from home when they needed to, however, it’s become a central part of how much of the world works now too. We added a discretionary budget for every employee to purchase home equipment and to ensure everyone has a comfortable setup to do their best work from wherever they’re working.

✈️ Relocation Packages

Fidel API is proud to have supported team members with help relocating from places like Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela! We offer a comprehensive package of supporting services including help finding a new home, local tax advice, language courses if needed and VISA sponsorship in some cases, too.  

🧑‍💻 Fully Remote Working

Fidel API’s fully remote members are located all over the globe, and within many different times zones including Australia, Italy and Canada. We regularly organize zoom activities and host annual offsite gatherings, to make sure everyone feels connected and can still collaborate and bond with their teams.

How do we ensure this approach works for everyone?

These are the four priorities that inform our trust-first approach to working from anywhere:

👥 Inclusion

Making sure everyone feels included is very important to us. We ensure remote alternatives are available for meetings and events whenever possible. Some meetings are specifically geared towards better connecting the whole team. All-hands meetings are there for us to hear from those we might not interact with as regularly around the business, via featured presentations from different departments each month.

🏗 Growing Schedules

Fidel API is growing at a rapid pace, meaning new faces are arriving on a weekly basis. This can add new time zones and working styles into the mix very regularly. Our product teams, for example, adopt the agile project management style, which means regular daily stand-ups are needed to constantly refining processes and starting new sprints. It can be a challenge to tackle combining all these working hours and styles, but making sure appropriate times are set to suit everyone’s working hours enables us to function effectively wherever we all are in the world.

🧠 Mental health

Without seeing everyone everyday around the office, signs of burnout and stress can be harder to recognize both in each other and personally. At Fidel API, we endeavor to take care of our team by providing weekly wellbeing surveys and training managers to check on their team regularly, encouraging them to use holidays and flexible working hours to take breaks.

💻 Employment and equipment

From a HR perspective, a distributed workforce carries a lot of challenges. We invest in international payroll systems and HR platforms like Humaans to make sure new joiners’ first days and OOO hours are easily visible to the whole team. We also built out a robust IT corporate team to support anyone, anytime with technical issues.

Managing all these logistical and scheduling challenges can be more complex. However, greater efficiency, new perspectives and happier, more autonomous team members are well worth the extra hustle. Trusting the team to manage their own time and decide where they work from not only serves our company mission, but allows us to go above and beyond it, and enjoy the journey to get there, too.