Hello World: Welcome to the Fidel developer community

Developers are the alchemists of the modern age. With just a few lines of code, you can make magic happen.

As an API, we understand exactly how powerful that is. Fidel exists to make it easier for developers like you to access payment data, so you can build next-generation experiences on top.

To help you do that, we’re working to provide the very best-in-class tools. That’s why we’re launching our brand new developer community.

Saying goodbye to slack...

Our developer Slack channel has grown fast. It’s existed since the very first days of Fidel and been a great way to stay in touch with you as you build with us. But as we’ve grown, it’s become obvious that Slack isn’t going to be the best place for us to stay in touch with you. Support and updates don’t preserve information long enough to be useful, and it’s difficult to keep track of questions and issues. To solve those problems and make sure you can get the support you need quickly, we’re migrating from Slack to a community forum.

And hello to our new forum!

You can join our new developer forum at: https://community.fidel.uk. Here you can find answers to FAQs, read Release Notes, and chat with a community of like-minded developers. Our team (myself and other Fidel developers) will be on-hand to talk about anything and everything, and if you’re a customer experiencing operational issues, you can file a Zendesk ticket here, too.

As with any new forum, there’s a lot of blank space. Don’t worry: we’ve got big plans to scale things up and make it even more useful for you. But to kickstart the conversation, we’ve created a few categories:

API: Ask and answer any questions related to the Fidel APIs.

Mobile SDKs:  Talk to us about how you’re integrating Fidel into your mobile apps

Feature Requests: Let us know what you want, so we can build products and features that fit your needs.

Community:  Discuss Fidel’s tools, the new products you’re building and beyond!

Our Fidel developer Slack channel will be retired at the end of May. Make sure you’re signed up to the new community by then so you don’t miss out on anything. We’ll give you a heads up every so often as we count down. Looking forward to seeing you there!