We’ve added support for Amex, and much more...

As the days get longer, so does our list of product improvements. Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past few months…

🚀 The Holy Trinity — Fidel adds support for Amex transactions

​More card types = more choice for your users, and even more rewarding shopping experiences. Last week, we announced added support for Amex transactions in the UK, with the Nordics and North America to follow shortly. This makes Fidel the only global API partner to support all major payment card types.

On average, Amex cardmembers spend 43% more than non-cardmembers. That’s because they’ve got almost 27% more spending power than non-cardmembers. Now you can tap into a whole new customer demographic! 🌍 Once enabled, customers can receive real-time notifications of rewards! Instant gratification anyone? Read about it here!

⌨️ CTRL-ALT-DEL to your heart’s content — You can now delete merchant locations on your dashboard

We heard your feedback loud and clear! You wanted the ability to delete merchant locations on the dashboard, and now you can. Just make sure once deleted, you re-sync locations to keep everything running smoothly. After a sync is completed, all deleted locations will disappear from the dashboard. And voila, you’re good to go!

🇨🇦 Something to get excited about — Visa & Mastercard launch in Canada

We’re launching Fidel in Canada! As well as card-linking, you’ll be able to spot Mastercard and Visa transactions in real-time for all your Canadian friends. We'll update you in the coming weeks when we can share more. Stay tuned! 📺

📽 ... and some of our favourites from the 2018 highlight reel...

💳 Launching our Card-Linked Offers platform!

​Way way back in the dog days of summer 2018, we launched our Card-Linked Offers (CLO) platform. This has become the easiest way for merchants to publish card-linked offers and reach millions of customers. Our CLO platform is going to get bigger and better this year as we add more features. These include double dipping/stacking prevention, different day or time offers, forecasting tools, adding redemption limits and lots more. Get in contact with Tim to get started!

🌎 Hello World! Nordics and Japan Launch

Last year, we were busy showing love to our neighbours. We’ve expanded to the Nordics and Japan, making us the only global API for card-linking. And we’re just getting started. If you’d like to request an additional country, reach out and let us know!

⚡️NSYNC in progress with Merchant Sync

We heard your feedback loud and clear. You wanted us to improve the way new brand (merchant) locations are onboarded to Fidel programs. This process is one of the most important and complex operations of card-linked technology.

Here’s the challenge: to track credit/debit card transactions at specific physical locations, we need to have the address and merchant IDs of each location, then link locations by brand and submit them for onboarding with Visa, Mastercard and Amex. We call this process Merchant Sync. We won’t bore you with the ins and outs of Merchant Syncing, but we dive into more detail in a recent article. Check it out!

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