Fidel API Joins Visa Fintech Partner Connect to Enable More Programmable Payment Experiences

Fidel API today announced that it has joined Visa Fintech Partner Connect, a program which connects Visa’s clients to a curated and vetted set of fintech companies. As part of the program, Fidel API will be available as one of Visa’s preferred providers of real-time transactions APIs.

The Fidel API platform provides authentication, data and payments infrastructure that allow developers to capture consent permissions and securely connect payment cards to a service or application. This enables developers to build highly contextual event-driven experiences at the points of sale, building on the value of using and accepting payment cards.

Visa Fintech Partner Connect introduces Visa’s clients to digital-first, next-generation payments solutions. Each partner is Visa Ready certified, giving companies the confidence of Visa’s endorsement when contracting and implementing directly with each partner.

“Fidel API was founded on a deep partnership with Visa, built over the last six years. Joining Visa Fintech Partner Connect is yet another step in that journey, deepening this partnership even further,” said Dev Subrata, Chief Executive Officer of Fidel API. “The ability to read transactions in real-time and trigger event-based experiences the moment a specific transaction occurs, based on pre-programmed logic, is powerful.

It gives businesses the means to fix broken processes and create magical experiences for consumers - anything from real-time expense approvals and instant claim reimbursements to automated rewards. Visa Fintech Partner Connect enables these tools to reach a broader set of companies around the world.”

“Fidel API is enabling the future of event-driven payments experiences,” said David Rubin, Head of the Component and Partner Hub at Visa. “We’re delighted to have Fidel API join our programme and for our clients to take advantage of their powerful tools to build their own transformative experiences.”

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