Creating value with values: How we work for you

Fidel’s always had a strong sense of self. Our commitment to privacy and security, willingness to adapt and innovate, and laser focus on our customers have governed our behaviour since day one.

But we’re growing fast. Over the last few years we’ve worked hard to build our tech, team and community – and there’s lots more growth on the horizon. Fidel’s vision is to democratise access to financial data, globally. It’s a big challenge, and we need to be clear about how we get there.

That’s why we’ve created five core company values.

How we created our company values

As more people join us on the journey – both internal and external – we want to be crystal clear about who we are, how we behave and what that means for our customers.

So at our recent team offsite in sunny Sitges, we did some serious introspection.

We started off in pairs. Each pair had fifteen minutes to work out what their top five values were. Then each pair teamed up with another, pitched their ideas, and came to a consensus on a shared top five. We repeated the process until we arrived at five core values we all agreed upon as a team.

It wasn’t easy; we’re a passionate, diverse bunch and whittling everything we stand for down to 5 words was tough. But we thought that limiting ourselves to five was the best way to make sure we’d all remember and live by them. It’s only by including them in everything we do that our values drive value back to you.

How our values create value for you

Our values aren’t just about how we treat each other in the office. They define the tech we build and how; the way we listen and talk to our customers; what our North Star vision is and how we work towards it. We think that living by these values is the best way to create the products our customers want, and to drive value back to them in the ways that matter most.

Here’s how:

Fidel’s five core values

1. Be humble

We’re a team of learners. It’s more important for us to build the best product possible than to always be right. We listen to alternative opinions, let things go (even when we love them) and leave our egos at the door.

2. Be honest

We’re open and honest in everything we do. We don’t hide behind language or tell half-truths. We don’t pass the buck or make excuses. We’re continuously building on our founding principles of trust and transparency; we know they’re essential to get us where we’re going.

3. Be adaptable

We’re always listening – to our customers, to the market and to each other. We’re adaptable, agile, and open to trying new things. We never waver in our core mission, but we’re creative about how we get there.

4. Be encouraging

We’re empowering the next generation of innovations and that means empowering the people behind them, too. We work together and we help each other out, because we want everyone to benefit from the ecosystem we’re building. We create a space for people to succeed.

5. Be a leader

We believe that passion breeds the best results. We stand up for what we believe in, run with ideas, and see projects through to the very end. We own our work, and we take pride in it.

So, hold us accountable. Let us know when we’re doing well and when we’re not. Join our community to let us know what you think – we’re all ears.

If you like the sound of our values and want to join our growing team, we're always on the lookout for passionate people. Visit our careers page to find out more about our open roles.