Crossing the pond... we’re live in the U.S., and more product updates!

Summer’s slowly slipping away and pumpkin-spiced latte season is looming. But don’t worry, we’ve got some product updates to help ease the transition…

Fidel is live in the U.S.A 🇺🇸

Grab your floaties and beer koozies because we’re about to make a big splash – Fidel has launched in the USA! Our mission is to make transactional data accessible in a way that protects people’s privacy and security. Now we’re bringing it to the U.S. We’re currently live with Visa and Mastercard, with American Express following in the fall. For more info, get in touch with our team at

3 trends driving the evolution of customer loyalty

77% of loyalty programs fail within the first two years. If you’re thinking it’s because loyalty’s dying out, think again. It’s still very much alive and kicking – even 73% of millennials, typically the least engaged demographic, think loyalty programs are a great way to earn rewards. So what are the big trends that you need to be leveraging to stay at the leading edge of customer loyalty?

Find out here.

Web SDK 2.0

Check out the latest version of the Fidel web SDK — the tech that allows payment cards to be linked to your programmes. Check out our docs for new customizable SDK options, or try it out on the playground. Stay tuned for more customization SDK features to come!

Unscripted – Software Engineer Q&A

Why is it so important for Software Engineers to build scalable architecture? Our very own engineers, Tracy and Antonio, explain in the latest instalments of Unscripted, our Software Engineer Q&A series.

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