2020 forecast, faster merchant onboarding and more product updates

January and February can be dark months. But before you officially unsubscribe from 2020, here is everything you need to know about Fidel’s latest product updates.

Fidel forecast: What’s coming up in 2020

Fidel’s Head of Operations, Sam Leslie-Miller, reflects on Fidel’s transformation over the past year and clues you in to some of the key milestones we’re aiming to hit over the next one.

From new products like Cashback, to new use cases such as omnichannel attribution and digital receipts, to new regions including APAC… there’s a lot to look forward to.

Read why we’re pretty excited for what’s ahead in 2020 and why you should be too.

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The beginner’s guide to card-linked loyalty

Customer loyalty can be difficult to get right. We created The beginner’s guide to card-linked loyalty to make it a bit easier. The e-book covers what data you need and how to get it, how to manage offer content, and why reducing friction is critical to getting loyalty right.

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Onboard merchant locations faster

No more guesswork. You can now add merchant locations to your loyalty programmes by unique merchant ID (MID). It’ll help you identify exact locations faster and more accurately.  Login or create an account at Dashboard.fidel.uk to get started.

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Access to auth codes

You can now access auth codes for all Visa credit card transactions. With access to auth codes, unique IDs are generated when a transaction is authorised. It means you can quickly and more accurately match and identify transactions. Login or create an account at dashboard.fidel.uk to get started.

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What the Plaid acquisition means for financial data APIs

Our CEO, Dev Subrata, discusses how Visa’s acquisition of Plaid for $5.3 billion is a reflection of a major transformation within the financial ecosystem. The move shines a spotlight on financial data plumbing and highlights the importance of putting user experience firmly in the foreground of tech innovation.

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Join our next live product demo

It’s hard to understand things we can’t see – especially in the complex world of integrations, APIs and data. We run regular live product demos so you can see our product in action, walk through new features and ask your burning questions.

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Stay tuned… 📺 Big product updates coming soon!

Here are a couple of exciting product updates headed your way...

  • New Fidel Dashboard: Thanks to your feedback, we’re making big improvements we think you’re going to love.
  • Stacking: Fidel is tackling the issue of double-dipping to find a solution that works for you. Stay tuned!

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