Series A funding, public product roadmap and more updates

Before emails about Secret Santa and invitations to end of year parties take over your inbox, we thought we'd slip in with Fidel’s latest product updates.

Series A announcement

At the end of September, we announced our first institutional funding round, an $18m Series A. The announcement came only 20 months after our commercial launch back in January 2018. Navigating the payments landscape can be tricky, but driving innovation by making payment infrastructure more accessible to developers is part of our core mission. Our Founder and CEO, Dev Subrata, explains more in his article here.

How Fidel’s democratising access to payment data

Data is one of the most valuable commodities in the world, but it’s also one of the most sensitive. At Fidel, we’re on a mission to democratise access to payment data – but what does that really mean? What’s in it for you? And how can you be sure your data’s safe? Honesty and openness are among our core company values, so we thought we’d shed a little more light. Read the full article here.

Join our next live product demo

Seeing is believing. It’s often difficult to understand things we can’t see (shoutout to all the Loch Ness Monster believers), especially when it comes to the complex world of integrations, APIs and data. That’s why we decided to create a live product demo, so you can see how our product works in action.

Every two weeks, we’ll demo our API and dashboard, showcase new features and answer your questions live. You can sign up to for the next demo here.

Providing transparency with our public product roadmap

We've made our product roadmap public. We believe that innovation and great ideas come from the people who use the product day in and day out – so we're sharing what we're working on, and asking for your input.

Read the full article by Fidel’s Head of Marketing here, or check out what's on the roadmap. As a startup, nothing’s ever set in stone, so let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback.  

Want to save the High Street? Stop targeting customers

A question we get asked a lot is how card-linking can help the High Street. It’s no secret that in-store footfall has consistently been falling year-on-year, and retailers are keen to mix it up. But the High Street is far from dead, and people are still shopping – they’re just shopping differently. It means retailers need to rethink targeted offers, too. Our Head of Partnerships explains why here.

Helping you reach your goals

Customers are at the centre of everything we do. Fidel’s customers shape not only the products we build, but how we build them – so we wanted to make sure we had even more ways to gather and respond to your feedback. Enter our Head of Customer Success, Ellie! Ellie has seven years of experience in Customer Success in tech, working 1-on-1 with customers to answer questions, advise on best practices and optimise card-linking programs. Expect to hear from her soon.

Unscripted - Guest Software Engineer Q&A

What’s it really like to work with Fidel’s API as a Developer? In our first guest post, Team National’s Senior Developer, Cristian, explains what he looks for when sourcing new tech and his experience working with Fidel’s API.

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